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byte, reboot, decode, repeat

Reflecting the heavy, earthbound pursuit of order in a world that has gravitated wildly out of balance, the frame of this dimensional work is made up of a collage of ~300 clippings sourced from Issue 05 of Cut Me Up magazine.

Constructed in 2020 – the first period in history during which virtual classrooms had become a global norm –the intent of Byte, Reboot, Decode, Repeat is to foster dialogue about the nature of our evolving internal and external landscapes. What renders a physical space 'safe' or evokes a feeling of 'home'? Which boundaries are non-negotiable? How can a culture ensure progress in parallel with the destruction of established order?


Naked in their moss-covered garden inside a repurposed CRT monitor, Adam and Eve appear at stage left with a ripe apple at the ready and a hectic torrent of ones and zeroes invading their personal space. Facing the mythic first couple is a solitary and seemingly-reluctant Hamsa hand, but it is not possible to guess at the true feelings or intent of the scores of anonymous eyes flanking the frame. Anchored deeper within the construction is a brick fireplace, and adhered to the outside left of the monitor case we see the smoke from burning books billowing out an improvised chimney (because when you live inside a computer, who needs books, right?). At the extreme rear of the scene a large bodiless hand is frozen in the act of spreading a set of mini blinds, revealing the view of an ostensibly exterior world floating with spherical COVID-19 virus particles. Confusing our bearings, a chaotic pile of cinder blocks implies a construction site.


What exactly is being built inside this odd little microcosm? And who is directing the construction effort? 

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